Charmed & Company


Charmed & Company® is a Crazy Cool Design Studio© that empowers you to “Aspire. Create. & Enjoy.®” your own jewelry, accessories and all of life’s in-betweens.

Charmed and Company® offers design workshops and private events and continually seeks partnerships with organizations who are essentially keepers of the arts to further promote talent produced from the Charmed and Company® community.  As the creative director at our flagship store, lulu by design, located in the heart of downtown Northville, clients have rallied me for this type of venue.  Lulu by design’s motto is “Inspired by life, Designed for you!” whereas Charmed and Company® is a design studio that resonates inspiration and design by you!  Hence, the name Charmed and Company®, where the “company” is you, our client and “charmed” is in the design!

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